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Please click on the Athletics Calendar link below to access the school game schedule

     Athletics Calendar


  Oct 20 Monday     Oct 21 Tuesday Oct 22 Wednesday Oct 23 Thursday Oct 24 Friday Oct 25 Saturday
Mod. Football -Whitmore 3:15-5:15 3:15-5:15 home vs Gen. Brown 4 pm 3:15-5:15 3:15-5:15  
JV Football-Cook 3:15-5:15 3:15-5:15 3:15-5:15 3:15-5:15 3:15-5:15 home vs Cortland 11 am 
Var. Football-Lalonde     home vs Phoenix 6 pm  away vs Cortland 6:30 bus at 3    
Boys Mod. Soccer 8th Grade -Schofield 3-5 Wiley  away vs Carthage 4 pm bus at 3 3-5 Wiley  3-5 Wiley  3-5 Wiley   
Boys Mod. Soccer 7th Grade - Haynes 3-5 Wiley  home vs Lowville 4 pm at Wiley 3-5 Wiley  3-5 Wiley  3-5 Wiley   
Var. Boys Soccer - Heckman 2:30-4:30 fairgrounds 2:30-4:30 turf home vs cortland 6 pm       
Mod. Girls Soccer 8th Grade -Reilly  home vs Lowville 4:30 at Wiley home vs Carthage 4 pm at Wiley  3-5 North 3-5 North 3-5 North  
Mod. Girls Soccer 7th  Grade- Thomas 3-5 North away vs Lowville 4 pm bus at 3 3-5 North 3-5 North 3-5 North  
Var. Girls Soccer-VanNostrand 2:30-4:30 Turf 2:30-5 fairgrounds (V/Girls soccer Lyme vs Madison 6 pm) 2:40-4:40 turf home vs ESM or CVA 6 pm     
Mod. Girls Swim -McKinney            
Blue Sharks 6:30-8   6:30-8 6:30-8 6:30-8  
Var. Girls Swim-Peters away vs Mexico at 5 pm bus at 3:30 2:45-5 2:45-5 2:45-5 2:45-5 Away Frontier League swim champs at Indian RR bus at 8:45 am
Pop Warner Cheer 5:45-7 North 5:45-7 North   5:45-7 North    
Cheerleading- Hewey 4:30-6:30 WHS 4:30-6:30 WHS   4:30-6:30 WHS    
Mix Mod. Cross Ctry-Eveleigh 3-5 trails 3-5 trails 3-5 trails 3-5 trails 3-5 trails away vs Adirondack 9 am  bus at 7:45 am 
Mix Var. Cross Ctry Blair 3-5 trails 3-5 trails 3-5 trails 3-5 trails 3-5 trails away vs Adirondack 9 am  bus at 7:45 am 


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The physical education program at Watertown City School District offers a wide variety of physical education activities and units of introduction throughout its comprehensive k-12 curriculum. Students continue to enjoy participating in lifetime fitness activities centered around health and safety. This includes such activities as bowling, transverse wall climbing, water safety instruction, swimming and Wii fitness. 

The district also offers an extensive number of interscholastic athletic programs and extra-curricular activities including an all weather athletic field for many fall and spring sports, and an indoor pool with 6 lanes designed for league sectionals.


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