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Note: There is a pamphlet that you can print. Find it at the bottom of this page.

Please remember: MLP is only to request approval. It does not register you for the workshop(s), with two exceptions.

  1. WCSD workshops need only to be requested in MLP.
  2. BOCES workshops (not Teacher Center): Kara will register you upon approval in MLP.

If your workshop is not WCSD or BOCES, you must register for the workshop through the provider. Then request approval by filling out the Conference/Workshop Request form in My Learning Plan.

Register for Model Schools workshops at before requesting approval in MLP.

Register for Teacher Center workshops (JLTC) by calling the Teacher Center before seeking approval in MLP.

Login to

  1. login: your full email address (
  2. password: enter your password


This is your "Home" page.

If you have submitted a request, you will see it listed here.


Conference/Workshop Requests

Always check "District Catalog" before going to "Conf./Workshop Request".

District Catalog

  1. This is the simplest way to request a workshop.

  2. WCSD District, BOCES and Watertown Model Schools workshops offered within our district will be in this catalog.

  3. District Catalog allows you to choose the link to the workshop and simply click on "Request Approval".

  4. The "Catalog-based Travel Request Form" will appear. (green) You will have to fill in the purpose of attendance and click submit at the bottom of the page. You will use this form when the workshop is completed to print for any necessary reimbursement costs. (See instruction for Completing a workshop and getting paid below.)


Conf./Workshop Request (not in District Catalog)

  1.  Use this link only if the conference or workshop is not listed in the District Catalog.
    • (ie) Model Schools workshops offered in another district, not Watertown
    • Be sure to self-register for the workshop, as well as fill out the request form.
  2. You are expected to register yourself and reserve any accomodations necessary. Costs will be reimbursed upon completion of the training. If you are unable to cover these costs at the time of registration, please contact Mary-Margaret Zehr's office.
  3. This link will open the "pink" form, Conference/Workshop Request Form.
  4. You must fill out the entire form in order to request approval.
  5. Be sure to include any registration, hotel, meals, or mileage costs for which you expect to be reimbursed.
  6. A new area has been added to the form to check "Personal Expense Reimbursement" costs. This is to differentiate between costs that you personally paid for and costs that were paid by the district, but for which you would not be reimbursed.
  7. Under the personal expense reimbursement section, only check those boxes for which you wish to be reimbursed. (ie) If registration and lodging has been paid for, in advance, by the district, do not select those boxes.

Completing a workshop and getting paid

  1. Once you have completed a workshop, you will find an "evaluation" form in My Learning Plan.
  2. Click on "Mark Complete".  Fill in the actual costs for personal reimbursement, not including costs paid by the district. Do not print the form, yet. Wait until the District Office has moved the training to Most Recently Completed so that revised costs will be reflected.
  3. District Office will give final approval. Do not print the form until the training shows up in the Most Recently Completed.
  4. Send to the Business Office: original, signed receipts and a signed printed copy of the Workshop/Conference (ie) flyer, stating the name of the workshop, date, and location of the training. If you stay at a hotel, you must obtain a closed out bill from the hotel, sign it, and attach it to the voucher. This is the only way the district can verify the hotel charges and pay or reimburse the bill (regardless whether it is on the district credit card, personal credit card, or cash).
  5. Final approval and stipends will occur only after you have completed the evaluation form and click on the "Mark Complete" button.

MLP Waiting List: If the WCSD or BOCES District Catalog workshop is already full

  1. You may still request approval.
  2. You will be added to a waiting list.
  3. If someone cancels and you are the next one on the waiting list, you will be notified by email that you have moved into the slot.
  4. This does not apply for workshops that are not WCSD or BOCES. Other providers, such as Model Schools, will have their own waiting lists. You may seek approval in MLP, but that does not mean that you can attend the workshop. You must get confirmation from the provider to let you know there is room for you.

View the approval process for your requests

  1. Click the "Home" link (the "Learning Plan" tab in the top, right-hand corner of the page).
  2. Click on the name of the workshop that you want to check.
  3. You will see a list of the four steps in the approval process.
  4. "PENDING" indicates the current step.

Canceling a request

  1. You may cancel a request by clicking on the name of the workshop in you home page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "Drop".
  3. You will be asked to confirm that you want to drop the request.
  4. Dropping the request in MLP does not cancel your registration. If you cancel a WCSD workshop, you need only to drop the workshop in MLP. If it is a BOCES workshop, please call Kara (3700) or email her to let her know you want to cancel. She will make the call for you to cancel your BOCES workshop. If it is any other provider, you need to cancel your workshop with the provider.
  5. Canceling Model Schools workshops: email or email the instructor and ask that he/she cancel the workshop for you.


College Course Approval

1. Click on the "College Course Approval" link, fill in and submit the form.







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