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Student Registration  


Central Registration Registration Hours (M-F)
Knickerbocker Elementary 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
739 Knickerbocker Dr  1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Watertown, NY 13601 Excluding Federal Holidays

District Registrar              

Janet Augustus

Phone:  (315) 661-8338

Fax:      (315) 661-8339


Public Notice - New Registration Procedures - (Click Here)
Procedures and Requirements for Student Enrollment - (Click Here)

Watertown City School District offers three options for enrolling new students into our District.  All three options require parents to contact Central Registration for an appointment where additional forms are to be completed and required documentation submitted.  To save time for parents and to expedite the registration process, WCSD encourages parents to choose Option 1 or 2 prior to your appointment.




1.   Complete the Electronic Online Pre-Registration  -  (Click Here)
IN ADDITION to Online Pre-Registration
, print & fill out Enrollment Packet A  -  (Click Here)

           OR - 

      2.   Print and fill out Enrollment Packet B  -  (Click Here)
            OR -

      3.   Fill out registration forms at your appointment


Birth Certificate

Immunization Record

Last Report Card for Grades K-8

In-Progress Grades & Transcript for Grades 9-12

Special Educational Services (IEP’s, 504 Plans), if applicable

Custody or Legal Guardianship Papers, if applicable


Physical Examinations up to twelve months prior are required, or an appointment must be made at the time of registration. 


Knickerbocker Elementary K-4 8:05 – 2:55
North Elementary K-4 8:10 – 3:05
Ohio Elementary K-4 8:05 – 2:55
Sherman Elementary K-4 8:05 – 2:55
Starbuck Elementary K-4 8:05 – 2:55 
Wiley Intermediate 5-6 8:20 – 3:15
Case Middle 7-8 7:15 – 2:25
Watertown High 9-12  7:15 – 2:25

Please Note:  Enrollment in elementary schools is based on home address.


Click on the map below to find which elementary school your child will attend based on where you live.

 *Map of Watertown City School District Elementary School Areas


Bus Transportation is provided for elementary students (K-4) who live more than ¾ mile away from school, intermediate students (5-6) who live more than 1 mile away and middle and high school students (7-12) who live more than 1-1/2 miles away from school.



Child must be 5 years old on or before December 1st of the school year they enter Kindergarten.

Please Note:  Children attending Watertown City Schools must reside within the district.  Non-District children may be considered for enrollment on a tuition-paying basis.


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