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Music/Art Music


Arts Alive - check out the instrument lab section - one can listen to and virtually handle all the instruments of an orchestra

Arts Connected - art in education

Detail Detective

Teachers Love SMART Boards, Sharing is Caring - Art: Check out links to fun art activities!

National Gallery of Art: (shared by Lynne Bates) Lynne says "I found that the National Gallery of Art (, is very in tune to the new standards. I found this amazing resource that provides arts lessons that really tie into math and literacy. I know this is where the standards are headed and thought you might be interested in case you haven't seen it already. Interdisciplinary lessons that encourage a deeper understanding that are all done for us and SMARTLesson friendly!"


Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Music Instruments

Virtual Instrument Museum

Music Sites (ages 4-11)

Elementary Music resources

General set of resources - includes both music and art resources

Jazz - resources to help young people develop an understanding and appreciation for jazz 

Music games

Music resources - some art resources are included

NY Philharmonic kid zone

Piano - simple keyboard, has replay button

Ricci Adams' Music Theory - lessons, exercises, and tools for music

Secondary Music resources (SMART Exchange - you may need to sign-in or create an account.)

The Music Lab - sponsored by San Francisco Symphony

Dallas Orchestra for Kids

Music Theory

Music Through the Curriculum

Counting Music (great for the SMART Board)

Sequencing with Simon

San Francisco Symphony Kids

DJ Turntable, Drum Machine:

Technology Integration