• Athletic Placement Process

    The New York State Education Department and the Watertown City School District participate in the Athletic Placement Process or A.P.P. (formerly known as Selection Classification). This is the formal process by which students in grades 7 and 8 can become eligible to participate on junior varsity or varsity level athletic teams despite the fact they have not yet reached the 9th grade eligibility requirement. This process at WCSD is intended to be used rarely and is only intended for those students with appropriate physical and emotional readiness and whose athletic abilities are outside of those of their age-related peers.  The District’s Medical Director must approve any student to be allowed to participate in this process.  


    Please review the document via the link below if you are interested in applying to go through this process. After reviewing all of this  material, please contact Mr. Michael Lennox, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics at 315-785-3833 if you should have questions.  Applicants should send in all paperwork 28 days prior to the first day of practice for the requested higher level team.