Principal - Mark L. Taylor

Phone: 315-785-3870


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Principal - Mark L. Taylor

Case Middle School:  "Be gracious, be humble and give back!"

I am very excited to be here at Case Middle School!  My goal is for Case to be a place that students can't wait to get to each morning and hate leaving each afternoon.  During their two years in this building, your children will think of school as a home away from home.  Our caring educators will be sure to look after them while they are here and will do whatever they need in order to make sure they know that they are cared for.  

Students need to feel loved in order to be available to learn.  The most important thing to us is building positive relationships and teaching our students how to do the same.  When your child walks through the doors each morning at Case Middle School, encourage them to make eye contact with someone, smile, and say "Hi."  Repeat that multiple times every day and they will be just fine!  They'd be surprised how far a friendly smile and "hello" will take them.  

As our WCSD motto states:  We are committed to building a caring culture that fosters lifelong learners and responsible citizens.  Please feel free to stop in, call or email with any celebrations, questions or concerns.  It truly takes a community to raise a child.  We appreciate your support.