•                                                          Mrs. Knapp’s Classroom Rules:


    Classroom Rules:


    • Be safe, responsible and respectful!
    • Do your best work!
    • Have fun!


    This is what we believe about being “safe, responsible and respectful"-


                    Safe                                    Responsible                  Respectful

    · Self-control with my mouth and my body

    ·   Take care of our stuff

    ·  Raising my hand

    · Hands and feet to myself

    ·    Do your best work

    ·   Taking turns

    ·   Walking

    ·    Listening*

    ·   Listening*


    ·    Following directions*

    ·   Following directions*



    ·   Use kind words


    *Listening and following directions the first time is so important, that it is part of being responsible and respectful.


    When a classroom rule is broken and it is not a bottom line, the student is sent to “take a break” (time-out) and think about what his or her job is. After a few minutes that student is welcome to come back and join us. If, however, a student is going frequent to time out for lack of self-control and goes to “take a break” 3 or more times a day for a few days, a note is sent home to the parent to be signed and returned before the student can have recess again.

    If a student has intentionally hurting someone, or an “Ohio School Bottom Line” is crossed, the student is immediately sent to the office.

    If a student is a constant disruption to the class and it takes away from the learning of students or my job as a teacher, a phone call is made home to discuss the situation with the parent.

     With classwork: Any student who chooses to spend his or her time during class fooling around when he or she should be getting work done will be given one warning to get to work. Any work not completed due to fooling around will result in the student completing the work during recess.

    (Any student who does not complete work due to a slower work pace may finish the work at Quiet Time.)

     I’d very much appreciate it if you would sign and return this so that I know you have read through and understand the behavior expectations in our classroom. Please remember, when your child is not doing his or her job as a student, I cannot do my job as a teacher!