• We will talk about three expectations for fourth grade. These same three expectations are followed throughout our entire school. Over our first few days of school we will talk about these expectations and the rules that fall under these three categories that I have listed below.

    My Classroom Expectations:

    1. In our classroom:   Everyone will be Safe.  Everyone will be Respectful.  Everyone will be Responsible.


    As a class we will talk about these expectations for the school year.  We will talk about what it means to be Respectful and Caring of ourselves and one another.  We will brainstorm many other rules/expectations that will fall under this category.  (For example:  Keep hands and feet to yourselves, be kind to one another, use appropriate language, etc.)  We will do the same thing when we talk about what it means to be Responsible.  I believe that it's easier for kids to remember two general expectations, rather than many specific rules.  We brainstorm all of these specific rules, and write them under the two main expectations.  This allows students to brainstorm, understand, and visualize all of the rules they've always heard and see how these fit under our main expectations.  This will make problem solving easier for students because when an issue comes up we can simply discuss..."Were you being respectful and caring?  OR  Were you being responsibe?"