• Specials are such an exciting part of our day here at Ohio Street School!  See the information below to know where we are going on each day in the cycle.


    Our Schedule for Specials:

    Days 1,3,5 - We have Phys. Ed. at 9:15

    Day 2 - We have Art at 10:55

    Day 4 - We have Music at 12:10

    Day 6 - We have Music at 11:35

    **Don't forget to bring socks and sneakers on gym days.  Also, you may bring an old shirt to keep here at school for days you have art.  :)

    Our Lunch will be each day from 1:10 - 1:40.

    Snack time will be each day around 10:30.


    Our Daily Schedule

    Morning Procedure/Announcements


    ELA Whole Group

    Snack/Read Aloud

    ELA Small Group


    Science/Social Studies

    **Of Course, the times are different on the different days of the cycle depending on which special we have each day.  :)