• Library Policies

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    1.) Your planner!

    2.) Your "inside voice"



    • Students are required to bring their planner with barcode in order to sign out library materials
    • Students are allowed to borrow one item at a time:
      • Books may be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks.
      • Magazines may be borrowed overnight.
    • Books are renewable for an additional 2 weeks.
    • Students are responsible for any materials checked out in their names.
    • Reference books may be used in the library only.


    Overdue Materials

    • Students with an overdue book may not check out additional materials until the overdue book is returned.
    • Notices will be sent to students in Advisory for books that are overdue.
    • Students with items overdue by one week or more days:
      • Will begin lunch detention in the library until the item is returned


    • Are required to pay for replacement if the book is lost/damaged beyond repair.


    Lost Materials

    • Lost materials are charged the cost of replacing the item. In certain circumstances, students may provide a replacement book of the same title in the same binding (e.g. if the student lost a hardcover copy of a book, they provide a hardcover copy of the book as replacement, not paperback. See the librarian for more information.
    • Students who owe books to Wiley will not be allowed to borrow materials at Case Middle School until the books are returned/replaced or fines are paid to Wiley. Likewise, should students have any outstanding balances or overdue books when they move on to the high school, they will be asked to return or pay for the item signed out in their name at Case Middle School.
    • Minor repairs on materials will be performed as needed. However, students who have damaged items beyond repair will be expected to pay the replacement costs of the item or provide a replacement of the same title in the same binding.