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    We will be having a snack every day. Please provide a healthy snack for your child on a daily basis. You may send in bulk snacks for you child that I will keep, and hand out to them each day. Students may have special snacks (junk food on birthdays). However, healthy snacks help to fuel students for a longer period of time, and therefore are always encouraged.



    We will be coming up with the rules of our classroom together as a class. You will receive a copy of these when they have been created.



    As a class we will be using Logical Consequences for our actions. These will be Related, Respectful, and Reasonable. This will include

    1. Making reparations = “You break it – you fix it”.

    2.  Mishandling responsibility = loss of privilege, or  more limits set.

    1.  Time out – This is done away from the group so as to not inhibit other students learning.