• Discipline Policy

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    We use an online behavior/reward system called Class Dojo.  Students can earn "Dojo points" by doing positive things in the room.  They also can lose points for poor choices in the classroom.


    As a group, we developed a list of behaviors:


                     # 1 Work hard everyday.

                     # 2  Be nice!

                     # 3 Be a good listener

                     # 4 Follow all directions the 1st time

                     # 5 Have fun and smile!


    There are also consequences when students lose Dojo points.


    1 point:             Brief talk at recess and no sticker

    2 points:            Re-teaching of “his/her job” during recess (10 minutes) and no sticker                           

    3 points:            Re-teaching during recess (no recess)       

    4 points:            No recess

    5 points:            Note home / call home / visit to principal


    We always talk about the choices that the child made and discuss what we could do to make a better choice.