• Locker Room Rules & Guidelines
    Students will be assigned lockers and locks during the second week of school
    * Students are expected to dress in 5 minutes
    * Jewelry is NOT allowed in the locker room or P.E. class. Watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, friendship pins and earrings, are to be kept in the student's classroom desk for reasons of safety and loss prevention. Small post or stud earrings will be permitted in all classes EXCEPT SWIMMING.
    *AEROSOL SPRAY CANS and Glass Items are prohibited in the locker rooms.
    *Hair Spray (pump container) is allowed only in the Swimmers' locker room.
    *Money should be kept in the student's classroom


    Classroom Procedures

    Students enter the gym and sit in their assigned squad lines for attendance and warm-ups

    Demonstration of psychomotor skills, and rule coverage take place

    Students participate in activities to improve their psychomotor and social skills

    Students review what they have learned at the end of class.



    Classroom Rules

    Be prepared for class

    Participate fully in activities

    Demonstrate good sportsmanship

    Maintain a safe environment

    Have fun :)