• P.E. Clothing Requirements


    *T-shirt (With no buttons or zippers. This can be a safety hazard)


    *Shorts (Elastic waist, no zippers)


    *Sneakers (must be tie) - Sneakers do not have to be left in your locker


    *Comb or brush

    *Towel - Students are asked to DONATE a towel to Wiley.


    *Swimsuit & Plastic Bag - Girls must wear a one piece swimsuit. Students may borrow a school suit if they need one.


    Students will keep clothes in their lockers at all times. Students will be reminded to bring in clean clothes before taking dirty clothes home. This will ensure that the students will have a change of clothes in their locker.


    I suggest writing your child's name on their clothing incase it is misplaced.


    ***If a student is unprepared, they will be issued school clothing to change into or will have an unprepared note sent home.***