• Daily Expectations in the Resource Room

    Daily Agenda/expectations:

    • Students will arrive to class and be seated when the bell rings.
    • Students will automatically go and get journals and complete the daily journal question of the day.
    • Journals are completed in five minutes.
    • Students will check the test box and complete tests.
    • Students will follow the daily agenda.
    • Students will spend the last 15 minutes of class working on homework and clarifying questions about homework assignments.

    Homework/Classroom expectations:

    • You will be treated like you treat others, treat me and your classmates with respect and you will be treated like an adult.

    • You will be given the freedom to explore, be yourself, express yourself and make choices but with those freedoms comes a certain responsibility. (see flag/chart in my room)

    • Students should make every effort to do your homework in study hall, 5th period learning labs, math labs and at home.  I will be happy to answer questions and clarify unclear concepts, but please do not expect to have a study hall during class time.

    • Academic Support is a class.  Not a study hall.

    • Students must arrive on time. You will be marked tardy those times you are late.
          Three times being late and you will have Lunch school detention with me in my classroom. 
          Four times being late and you will get a referral to the office.

    • Be prepared for class.  I have some extra books and materials in the room.  However, please bring with you something that you need to work on, once instruction is over. Bring English, Math, Science and Global assignments daily.

    • Use the bathroom, get a drink, visit the office, visit the nurse, use the phone, go to guidance, go to your locker before you come to class.  Do not expect to leave whenever you ask; unless it is an emergency. 

    • Study before you are given a test or quiz.  Most teachers announce when a test or quiz will be given, therefore, you should study before hand, not in Resource when the test has already been given. I post your daily assignment for your benifit on my daily agenda. Please, make use of your planner.

    • Ask Questions!  I am here to help, but I cannot read minds.  I will assist you, or we can set up a time for your general education teacher to assist you. Please make good use of 5th period learning labs. I am at school early every day and stay after school most days except Friday to assist students.

    • Expect to do things other than homework in Resource.   Everything I ask you to do will be for your benefit and can improve your understanding of material, and your grades.

    • Please do not expect me to give you answers on tests.  That would be unfair to you, me, and all other students and teachers in the building.  Your tests, quizzes and homework are your responsibility, so do not take them lightly. Do not cheat!

    • Expect me to contact your parent(s) or guardians to let them know your behavior and your work ethic. I will provide you with a list of assignments showing both your grade and your assignments not completed about every two weeks. It is your responsibility to take corrective action!