• I. Course Description

    US History is a one year course that culminates with a Regents Exam in June of 11th grade.  US History begins with a discussion of the formation of the thirteen colonies and ends with modern history.

    AP US History is a college level courses that offers students an opportunity to earn college credit.  An AP Exam will be administered in May, and students will be expected to take the Regents Exam in June as well.

    The Regents Exam in Global History and Geography and US History consists of 50 multiple choice questions, one thematic essay, and one document based question essay with scaffolding questions.  Successful completition of the course and the Regents Exam is required for graduation.

    The AP Exam in US History consists of a multiple choice section, a short response section, and a two-part essay section.

    Students will be encouraged to purchase review books that are specific to each exam that they are required to complete. 

    Students will need to complete all work on time, prepare in advance for tests and quizzes, be prepared and on time for class, and participate.  Work hard to keep up, and seek extra help if you begin to struggle.

    Please use the information provided on the website as we progress throughout the school year.

    US History and AP US History are divided into four units.  Each unit includes an Assessment as well as chapter tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and projects.


    II. The grading policy for each course is as follows...













    In order to receive full credit, work must be completed and submitted as assigned.  Work that is missed because of legal absences must be completed and submitted in a timely manner.


    III. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase/borrow one or more of the following review books.


    AP US History

    - 5 Steps to a 5 -- 500 AP US History Questions to know by test day

    - The Princeton Review -- Cracking the AP US History Exam