1. Your ability to make it to class on time, shows you want to be here and have respect for your teacher as well as your classmates. BE ON TIME
    2. Complete assigned work ON TIME!(late work will NOT be accepted)
    3. If you are absent, ask for any missed notes or assignments the DAY YOU GET BACK, check the front bookcase for any worksheets or homework.
    4. From the point the first bell rings, to when the last bell rings you are to remain in your seat. Lining up at the door is NOT acceptable.
    5. Plagiarism of any sort will NOT be tolerated, and appropriate consequences will follow (this includes cheating on quizzes and tests)
    6. Your actions have consequences. (consequence will depend on the severity of the action)

    7.  Fair is not always equal.

    8. No food or drink in the science laboratory.

    9. Questions are always welcome, please ask them.

    10. Textbooks will not be assigned but will be available for use.