• Supplies List:  (Animal Science and Living Environment)

    Pen and Pencil EVERYDAY

    Looseleaf paper

    1.5" Binder

    Animal Science:

    Will need poster board at different points during the school year


    Living Environment

    Pen and Pencil Everyday

    Loose leaf paper

    1.5-2" binder

    Might want your own colored pencils (can be stored in my room)


    Any student who wishes to recieve extra credit can bring in the following items:  (these items will be shared with the class for use during projects and labs)

    Box of tissue

    Package of gluesticks (Elmer's glue is prefered)

    Package of pencils

    Package of pens

    1 pair of scissors

    package of index cards

    package or pad of construction paper

     package loose leaf paper

    package of graph paper