• Class Policies and Procedures


    Class Policies and Procedures

    I expect students to:

    • arrive to class on time unless they have a pass from an authorized adult in the building.
    • come to class prepared which includes books and supplies and agenda book.  I do not give locker passes!
    • have homework done on time.
    • show respect to everyone at all times. 

    Students can expect me to:

    • treat them with respect at all times.
    • be prepared for every class.
    • correct papers in a timely manner.
    • keep my gradebook updated on school tools.
    • be available for extra help after school and during learning lab.

    HOMEWORK POLICY:  Homework is due when I say "Saquen la tarea"or "Prenez les devoirs" which means "Take out your homework".  I will check each paper and assign the following grades:

    100 = The homework is 100% completed and done correctly (minor errors are accepted).

    50  = The homework is 50% -100% completed.

    0    = The homework is missing, left at home, left in a locker, left in a friend's locker, left in another classroom or simply not done or not made up from an absence.

    Homework assignments are usually short and easy to complete.  If a student does not understand how to complete it, he/she should see me before leaving class.  Late homework is not accepted for a grade.  I do, however, drop the lowest homework grade each quarter.

    If a student is absent from class it is HIS/HER RESPONSIBILITY to approach me the next day to either show me the homework that was due on the missed day or to request the homework that was given.