• Classroom Rules and Behavior

    • Show respect for all members of the class
    • Bring all class materials each day
    • Be on time and ready to learn when the bell rings
    • Leave food and drinks out of classroom (bottled water is acceptable)
    • Follow Ms. Misercola’s Electronic policy (see below)
    • Participate in class activities and discussions


    • Get a pass and sign out before leaving the room for any reason 


    Students who regularly disregard their responsibilities as members of this classroom will be required to stay after school in order for the two of us to come up with a proper solution and make up missed work.


    Electronic Policy

    Cell phones should be kept in bags or on the desk face up. They are not to be used during instructional time, or during class work. Music may be played when doing individual work but must not distract your student or others. I reserve the right to ask any student, at any time, to put their electronic devices away or to the side. Ear buds must be used when listening to music at designated times.


    In addition to these classroom rules I will be following the School wide PRIDE Behavior Matrix. PRIDE (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Encouragement) are the behaviors and goals we have for students to be successful at WHS and beyond. We aim to demontrate PRIDE at all times to ensure the students are working to their full potential.