The level of achievement for each student will be determined by their performance on regularly assigned projects, homework, in-class tests and by their level of class participation.

    Homework is necessary for success. It is expected to be complete the day it is due.

    Daily and weekly journal writing may be assigned and graded.

    Notebooks need to be maintained and may be graded.



    1. Attendance in class is required and strongly advised.

          2.  Each student is responsible for being completely aware of their progress in the course and completing all required work.

    1. Make-up work/tests will be completed within three days of a student’s return to school.  

                              Make-up work/tests will be discussed and completed outside of regular class time.

    1. Acceptable classroom behaviors and expectations are explained during the first week of class. These expectations must be honored.
    1. Students are expected to be productive the whole class period. 
    3. Students are expected to be prepared for class. Preparation includes having a calculator and required supplies accessible at the beginning of class.   In addition, the previous day's homework should be placed on their desk.  An answer key will be provided.  Students should use the first few minutes of class to check homework for accuracy.