• Classroom Rules:

    1.     Be Prepared

    -          Attend to personal needs such as bathroom, drinks, and locker before the bell rings.

    -          Bring a pen or pencil, folder or binder to class.

    2.     Be On Time

    -          Be in your seat when the bell rings

    -          Begin the bell ringer when the bell rings (should be completed in 1st 5 minutes of class).

    3.     Be Considerate

    -          Only use positive verbal and non-verbal communication.

    -          Respect others’ personal space.

    -          Keep tapping and pen clicking to a minimum, especially during lessons and exams or quizzes.

    4.     Be Focused

    -          Pay attention when the teacher is speaking.

    -          Listen when your classmates are speaking.

    -          Concentrate on completing the task given.

    5.     Be Compliant

    -          Willingly follow all of the teacher’s directions and classroom rules. This will allow for a positive and successful learning experience.