• WHS Physical Education Grading Policy


    - PE Units are approximately 10 classes.  Students receive 8 points per day (8 points x 10 days = 80 points) and will either have a cognitive Unit test, written assignment or Physical Fitness test valued at 20 points.

    - Grading percentage ( Marking Procedure per Unit):

                      > Preparation for Class                              50 points

                      > Participation, Effort & Sportsmanship       30 points

                      > Written Test/ Extended Task                   20 points

    - Quarterly report card grades will combine the averages of two(2) actviity unit grades. Semester grades will be the average of the quarterly marks.

    - A Student will recieve .50 credits for a full year of Physical Education.  New York State requires 2.0 credits of Physical Educaiton for graduation.  (NYSED.gov)

    - A Physical Education numerical grade will be included in your overall G.P.A.

    - Incompletes will be allowed to be made up after grades have been submitted.

    - There will be one writting assignment per year for Physical Education called an Extended Task.  These are designed to help our students meet New York State learning standards and they are grade level oriented (each grade level is different).  These writting assignments will be worth a possible 20 points towards one Unit grade.

    - Students who are on Home Instruction or out on Medical are required to have 2 one page typed assignments on any health/fitness/sport topic or professional athlete for each Unit.  The student will receive up to 40 points per assignment.  Each additional paper will be worth up to 5 points, allowing these students the ability to earn 100%.