• The following information will be helpful for you to know what

    you can expect from me and what I expect from you.



    Math Department Grading Policy

    40% Tests

    30% Quizzes

    20% Homework

    10% Class Participation


    Assignment Grading Policy:

    Assignments will be collected periodically for a grade. You will be accountable for your assignment even when not collected though. I will check assignments every day for completeness.  Each day, you can earn either 0, 1, or 2 points for your completion of the assignment.  Zero will be assigned if less than half is done.  One will be assigned if at least half is done,  and two will be assigned if the assignment is complete.  Your grade for your assignments on the report card will be the number of homework points you have earned divided by the number of points available.  Everyone will be allowed one free missed assignment per marking period with no consequence.



    • Be on time and prepared for class.

    Prepared for class means that you will bring your text, notebook, pencils or pens,        calculator, and assignment.   Be on time means that you are in your seat and working when the bell rings.  I do not give locker passes.     

    Respect others.

    This includes, but is not limited to, not speaking out of turn, not interrupting others, and speaking in a very low voice during group sharing time.

    •  Make up back homework assignments and tests within 3 days of    returning to school.                             

    In extreme circumstances, other arrangements may be made. However, these  
    arrangements must be made within the 3 day period.

    • Let the teacher know when you are having difficulty.                              

    You must let people know just as soon as the trouble begins.  You must also be willing to attend extra help sessions, tutor sessions and/or get help in the Math Lab.

    Be productive for the whole class period.

    We have approximately 39 minutes in class every day. Get the most out of it. Work until the bell rings or you have satisfactorily completed your assignment. If you finish early, help others or study in preparation for a quiz/test.



              Upon entering the room, each student will begin working on the class opener (this will be correcting and discussing homework or some other pre-determined activity). Up to five minutes may be spent on questions concerning homework afterward. Homework, in general will be review. Therefore, if additional help is needed, the student is responsible to arrange for assistance after class.

              After completing the opener, students will begin the class work. Students will be attentive and respectful during the lesson. After the lesson is introduced, students will work on the day's activity. If the day's activity is finished before the class ends, students will continue working until the bell rings either on their homework, weekly review, or some other teacher approved activity. When the bell sounds, students will leave in the approved fashion.