• Classroom Rules and Consequences

    1. This class is your job- All students will be in their assigned seats on time with their necessary materials.

    A. Students will have the text we are using, reading journal, writer's notebook, a pen, and other required materials for that specific day.

    B. Any homework that is due will be ready to hand in at the beginning of class.

    2. Class time is to be used constructively.

    3. Students will show respect for themselves, others, and all school property.

    A. There will be no ridicule toward others.

    B. Teacher directions will be followed.

    C. Vandalism of school or the property of others will not be tolerated.


    First offence: warning that the continued behavior will warrant further consequences.

    Second offence: stay after class

    Third offence: thirty-minute detention with me on day assigned by me and parent notification.

    Fourth offence: discipline referral sent to office.

    Fifth offence: dismissal from class.