• Specific Course Details:

    US History 11 is a one year course but essentially should be detailed review of Grades 7 and 8. You will be taking a Regents Exam in June.  At the end of the year we will be reviewing for approximately 30 days in preparation for the NY State Exam.

    During the year we will be 20 topics within 4 Units.  For each Topic (weekly) there will be traditional notes, key terms, video content, review quizzes and quizzes.  At the end of each Unit there will be a Pre-Assessment and a formal assessment.

    History Through Rock and Roll is a semester course.  Content begins with the 1950's and continues as a decade approach up through the 1990's.  Each decade will require a formal presentation of an artist or group and a writing assignment.  A great deal of content will come in the form of video.  There will be a Final Exam.

    History Through Film is a semester course.  Content reflects primarily US History and provides a great deal of insight into content from the 11th grade year.  The course often evokes responses like "I didn't realize that" and "Oh, I get it now, that makes sense".  It requires students to use my website at http://watertown-sd.instructure.com to answer questions after viewing the films.  Students must get permissions slips signed prior to viewing some of the films.  Course work is done on their own time so around 18 films can be viewed.  There is a 3 part Final Exam.

    All Course Point Distribution:

    Classwork/Homework 30%
    Assessments 40%
    Tests/Quizzes 30% 


    Supplies: US student should have a 1 or 2 inch binder with 4 sections indicated. 

    1. Notes/Handouts/Think and Write Thursday

    2. Quizzes/Tests

    3. Current Events

    4. 5 Word Friday/Word of the Week


    What can I do to help my child in US History

    1. Consult the calendar on this website for due dates.

    2. Ask to see their Notes and make sure they are current with them by checking the calendar on this website.  All notes from class time can be completed with the presentations posted on this website.

    3. Create an account through School Tools to see if any assignments are owed and for a current average.

    4. Email me to establish weekly correspondence.

    5. Encourage them to take advantage of the Extra Credit that is always available.


    My schedule:

    Period 1 US History
    Period 2 US History
    Period 3
    Period 4 US History

    Period 5 Learning Lab
    Period 6 Lunch
    Period 7 US History
    Period 8 Rock and Roll

    Period 9

    Period 10 Lead Teacher


    Classroom Policies

    All work due dates will be posted in the classroom as well as on the calendar on this website.

    Any work that is late will depreciate at -10 points per day. 

    Assignments are available on this website as well as the notes and PowerPoint presentations that correspond.

    Any student that is tardy to class will be documented by me and after 3 accumulated tardies, will owe me one 10 minute detention before or after school.  Once completed, the slate will be clean.  If the owed detention is not completed within a reasonable time you will be assigned a school lunch detention.