• In our classroom, we use responsive classroom as a discipline model.  When a child misbehaves I use some reminding language (ie. What are you supposed to be doing right now? What were my directions?)  If a child continues to misbehave, I use some redirecting language (ie. Susie, go to your table now. Susie, clean up your center now.)  If a child continues to not follow directions, I direct him/her to go the thinking table until they can think about what they need to be doing.  This is usually a 2 to 5 minute time period.  If that same child continues to misbehave he or she will spend some recess time practicing the correct behaviors. 

    Classroom Rules

    1.  Listen and follow directions

    2.  Raise your hand when you need to talk or answer a question

    3.  Always walk

    4.  Be kind and use safe hands and feet

    MAGIC 5 IN 5

    When I use this statement with the students they check to see if they are doing the following 5 activities before I count to five:

                        1.  voice quiet
                        2.  ears listening

                        3.  eyes on me

                        4.  sitting crisscross applesauce
    and still
                        5.  hands in lap