•    Your child will have outdoor recess each day, weather permitting. An extra sweatshirt or sweater may be kept at school for cooler days. Shoes and sneakers without backs are not allowed on the playground equipment. Students wearing such footwear will need to change their shoes or play off the equipment.



       Each day our class will share a snack in the afternoon. I would like every student to bring in a non-perishable snack, to share with the entire class, at the beginning of each month. Currently we have 19 students in our classroom. (Please try to avoid snacks containing nuts.)Apple



       Happy Birthday Special birthday snacks are welcome and can be brought in on, or near, your child’s birthday. Please contact me to arrange the date and to see if the number of students has changed.



       Small water bottles with spout-type tops (that do not spill as easily as "screw tops") may be brought in. Your child can keep it on his/her desk to drink throughout the day.  The bottles can be brought home each night, or refilled in the morning at school.      Water



       Money All money sent to school should be sent in an envelope, or plastic bag, marked with your child’s name and what the money is to be used for. (For example: Eva Jackson - Breakfast money) I encourage you to prepay for lunches. The cafeteria records lunch credits and deducts when a child eats a school lunch. This eliminates having to remember to send lunch money each day.



       I will be sending home Scholastic Book Club orders monthly. I believe that book orders are a fun and inexpensive way to encourage your child to read. If you decide to order books, please return the order forms and cash, or one check (made payable to Scholastic Book Clubs), to me in an envelope marked with your child’s name. Our classroom earns books and listening centers from your purchases.Girl Reading