• class These are the policies that are used in my classroom.  Following them will make the class go smoothly! 

    Absence– When you miss a class because you miss a day of school or because you had an appointment or were in the clinic, it is your responsibility to complete the classwork and obtain the day’s homework. You may do this by talking with a reliable friend, or by seeing me during advisory period, after school, or by looking in the planner. You have however many days you were absent to make up the work. (ex. You were absent 3 days, you have 3 days to make up work.)

    If you know you are going to be absent because of an appointment or music lesson, notify me before class, hand in your homework and obtain the new assignment.

    Bathroom– Use the bathroom during the 3 minute passing time, or lunch periods. During class, bathroom use is limited to 1 emergency per half of year, unless a medical note is given.

    Clinic– If you are feeling ill, raise your hand and ask to go to the clinic. If you are going to be sick, please head to the trash can or bathroom- I’ll figure it out.

    If you have a pass for the clinic, please show me at the beginning of period, I’ll sign it, and then you can leave at the appropriate time.

    Counseling- If you wish to speak with a counselor, you need to complete a form to make an appointment. Hand the form in to the Guidance Office during advisory period, on your way to lunch, or after school. They will contact you with an appointment.

    Crown Privileges– You will have the opportunity to earn “crown privileges” which entitle you to use the bathroom, get a drink, or go to your locker if needed. You can earn these passes by being on time everyday, being prepared with materials, having homework done, and staying on task for the week. I will distribute privilege passes once a week.

    Garbage– If you have garbage, you may throw it out unobtrusively. Do NOT leave it on the floor. If you leave garbage, then you will have the opportunity to clean my room after school.

    Gum– Yes, you may chew it. However, if I find gum stuck anywhere it should not be, it will not be allowed. Be responsible. I don’t want to see it, hear it, or smell it.

    Pencil Sharpener– There is an electric sharpener.   Please use it before the beginning of the period, or if we’re in a lesson, raise your hand.

    Tissues– There are several boxes around the room. Get a tissue without asking, again unobtrusively.

    Telephone– The phone in the office is for your emergency use during advisory period, lunch, and afterschool.  Cell phones are to be turned off for class.

    Seating– I assign your seats. Occasionally I may let you sit where you want with the understanding that you do so responsibly. If I move you away from someone because of behavior, then you may never sit by that person again.

    If you have a conflict with a seat because of vision or hearing, please see me.  

    Materials– The following are required DAILY:

    Folder with 3 prongs
    looseleaf paper
    Independent novel

    Your bellringer folder will always stay in the room.

    Materials borrowed from me require collateral; I will ask for a shoe.

    Planner– You must have your planner with you at all times. Your homework should be copied into it each day. Take your planner home to remind you of the homework and to communicate with your parents each day. Your passes are also in the planner.

    Heading– Use this heading at the top of all work.

    Name (first and last)                   Date

    Period                                       Assignment

    Grades– Homework is worth 20%, essays and other writing are worth 30%, quizzes are worth 20%, and tests are worth 30%.

    Grades are posted periodically in class. Progress report are sent home every 5 weeks.

    Homework– There are a variety of assignments given through the year. Sometimes assignments build on one another to form a larger grade at the end. For example, an essay may have several parts before the final product is graded. Therefore, is if very important to do all homework.  

    Notices will be sent out periodically between progress reports and report cards to notify parents of missing homework. These need to be signed and returned.

    Promptness– Students should be seated, working on their bellringer, when the bell rings.   Three tardies earn a lunch detention.