•     Reading

       You often ask us how you can help your child at home, and one of the best ways is by reading with your child every day.

       In October we will be starting our Take Home Reading Program. Each day your child will bring home a book, from a collection of leveled books, that I have determined to be at his/her independent reading level. Your child will not have previously read the book, but should be able to read it successfully with very little assistance. These books are not meant to be instructional and are intentionally easy for the child to practice fluent reading, use of expression, and primarily for enjoyment.

       To help support your child at home with the book, please try some of the following techniques that we use in the classroom.

    1. Look through the book before reading it. Talk about the pictures and make predictions about what might happen in the story.
    2. As your child reads, if they get stuck on a word, give them some waittime to try and figure it out on their own. They can look at the picture forhelp, think about what would make sense and sounds right, and look atthe first part of the word and make that sound to help them predict. If they still can’t get it, tell them the word and continue reading.
    3. After reading you can talk about the story. Some things you might ask are:

     What happened in the story?

     What did you like about the story?                                                                     

     What does the story remind you of?

            These are all important comprehension strategies they need to learn.

       Please return the book to school each day and your child will bring home a new one.  We consider this to be homework, and part of the responsibility we expect your child to exhibit. Reading at home every night will help make your child a more successful reader and will also show them you think that reading is important.

       Enclosed with the book is a “book log”. Please fill in a section of the log for each day.

       Thank you for your cooperation in providing an opportunity for your child to share reading with you. We think you will find it a rewarding experience.