• WHS Physical Education Attendance/Grading Policy

    - P.E. units are approximately 10 classes.

    - Students receive 8 points per class ( 8 points x 10 classes = 80 points) and will either have a cognitive unit test, written assignment, or Physical Fitness Test valued at 20 points.

    - Students are required to attend and participate in 70% of the classes per unit. If students do not meet the minumum participation requirement their grade will be affected.

    - Grading procedure per unit:

                      > Preparation for Class                             50 points

                      > Participation, Effort & Sportsmanship      30 points

                      > Written Test/Extended Task                   20 points

    - Quarterly report card grades will combine the averages of two (2) activity unit grades. Semester grades will be the average of the quarterly marks.

    - A student will receive .25 credits for the completion of one semester of Physical Education.

    - Physical Education is a numerical grade and will be included in a students overall G.P.A.

    - Incomplete units will be allowed to be made up after grades have been submitted.

    - Students who are on Home Instruction or out on a Medical Excuse are required to have 2 - one page typed assignments on any health/fitness topic, sport topic, or professional athlete for each unit missed. The student will receive up to 40 points per assignment.


    Unprepared Policy

    1st offense – Student warning and loss of 8 points.

    2nd offense – Student warning, loss of 8 points, parent contact.

    3rd offense – Student warning, loss of 8 points.

    4th offense – Student warning, loss of points, 2nd parent contact.

    5th offense – Student warning, loss of points and probable failure of unit.



    WHS Physical Education Make-up Opportunities

    Students will have the opportunity Monday - Friday when school is in session to make up a P.E. Class in the high school weight room between the hours of 2:30-5:00 pm.

    *Students MUST change into P.E. clothes and workout for a minumum of 30 minutes to equal one unprepared class.


    • 1st Make-up = 8 points (full credit back)
    • 2nd Make-up = 6 points
    • 3rd Make-up = 4 points
    • 4th Make-up = 2 points

    *** Per Semester ***

    Students are also given an opportunity to make-up a P.E. Class during 5th period learning lab. Students are required to obtain a pre-signed pass from their P.E. Teacher to fulfill this make-up. No P.E. make-ups are offered on Tuesdays during 5th period.

    *Unprepared classes in the swimming unit will need to be made up in the pool during 5th period or during a student's free period provided a swimming class is being offered at that time.