• Activities to improve strength:

    1. Weight bearing through the arms and shoulders: swinging between monkey bars, wheel-barrow walking, crab-walking, bear-walking, doing the “inchworm” (walk hands forward, then hands stay still and feet walk up to hands, repeat).
    2. Pouring from a pitcher or watering can
    3. Drawing activities at eye level, such as writing, coloring on a vertical surface (easel or tape paper to the wall)
    4. Donkey kicks: in push-up position, keep both ankles together while jumping feet from right to left and back again
    5. Clay or play-doh, especially rolled with finger tips
    6. Paper tearing, e.g. for collages
    7. Large, whole-hand spray bottles: spray the plants or make art by spraying tissue paper over white paper so it bleeds its color when wet
    8. Tongs or large tweezers (games include bedbugs, operation)
    9. Dice games (must shake dice in cupped hands)


    Fine Motor Activities:

    1. Squeeze toys for water and air play
    2. Eyedroppers
    3. spinning tops
    4. wind-up toys
    5. Two-handed building toys – lego, tinkertoys, beads, lacing cards
    6. Baking – stirring, rolling, pounding and pouring
    7. Peg boards
    8. Children’s tool kit
    9. Bubble wrap – popping
    10. Playing cards –dealing, counting
    11. Pennies in a piggy bank
    12. Puzzles, blocks
    13. Containers to open and close for snack time
    14. Bingo dotters, finger paint, paint with water on chalkboard
    15. Clothes pegs games
    16. Cutting different media: drinking straws, ribbon, paper plates, construction paper
    17. Spread out shaving cream and use your finger to draw shapes and letters