• Regents chemistry outline

    1st Quarter

    Unit 1 

    Math, metric system and matter

    Phase change, exchange of heat, exothermic vs. endothermic, calculating changes in enthalpy, types of matter and their properties, sublimation, deposition, solid, liquid



    Unit 2 

    The atom

    Subatomic particles and their interactions, the history of atomic structure, electron arrangement and quantum theory, spectral lines

    2nd Quarter

    Unit 3 

    Mole concept

    Stoichiometry, chemical names and chemical formulas, % composition , empirical formula

    and molecular formula, chemical reactions, balancing reactions

    Unit 4 

    Gas Laws

    The effect of pressure and temperature on volume, Ideal vs. Real


    Unit 5 


    Different types of bonding, Lewis Structures, Properties of substances due to the type of intermolecular and intramolecular forces

    3rd Quarter

    Unit 6


    Factors that affect solubility and calculations involving solubility including boiling and freezing pt.

    Calculate Molarity and Parts per Million                                 


    Unit 7

    Kinetics + Equilibrium


                            The factors that affect the rates of reactions and how to manipulate these factors.

                            Potential Energy Diagrams

    LeChateliers Principle and how conditions can be manipulated to force reactions right or left


    Unit 8 

    Acid Base Chemistry

                            Arrhenius acids and bases, pH, Bronsted Lowry, Titration, acid base reactions

    4th Quarter

    Unit 9 

    Reduction Oxidation

    Transfer of electrons, Reduction, Oxidation, Half Reactions and Balancing Equations, Voltaic Cells and electrolysis, Anode, Cathode


    Unit 10           


                            Overview of different types of organic compounds and reactions




    Unit 11           

    Nuclear Chemistry

    Nuclear reactions, Transmutation, Fission and Fusion, uses of radioisotopes and nuclear reactions


    Review For June Regents


    List of labs to be completed for Regents chemistry

    1. Scientific Method
    2. Measurement
    3. Density
    4. Melting Point
    5. Calorimetry
    6. Bunsen Burner
    7. Composition of a Hydrate
    8. Cu + S Empirical Formula
    9. Conservation of Mass
    10. Precipitate
    11. Boyles Law
    12. Charles Law
    13. Mass/Volume of Hydrogen Gas
    14. Spectrum
    15. Covalent Molecules
    16. Periodic Table
    17. Solubility Curve
    18. Ionization Theory
    19. Rates of Reaction
    20. Generation of Hydrogen Gas
    21. Conservation of Mass (II)
    22. Titration
    23. Voltaic Cells
    24. Electroplating of Cu
    25. Generation of Oxygen Gas
    26. Homologs
    27. Isomers
    28. Esterfication
    29. Saponification
    30. Polymerization
    31. Radiation
    32. Freezing Point Depression and a Frozen Colloidal Suspension