Clubs & Activities


    I am the Advisor for the various clubs listed below!


    Case Yearbook

    Students who would like to be a member of the Yearbook staff must attend all meetings.  Students are trained on the Yearbook Avenue website to create the yearbook.  Students are also involved in Sales, Photography & Layout responsibilities.  Students who attend all meetings and are involved in making the yearbook may receive a free book when they arrive in June.  Please consider joining the Case yearbook staff. 


    Case "Fitting In" Fitness & Nutrition club

    Students will meet at least twice a week to work out on our fitness equipment, the Xbox Kinect, the Wii and the track.  We also learn about healthy eating and try to understand the importance of a good diet and exercise.  We have various presentations throughout the school year.  The club runs for the entire school year.  Students need to be medically cleared through our clinic to participate.  Students also need to maintain a food and exercise log.  Come check out the club and see what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle.  The annual 5K Run/Walk which is our club fundraiser happens every year in June.  We are always seeking out volunteers to help with this effort! 


    Peer Assistant Program

    Students help welcome new students throughout the school year here at Case.  They also participate in Student orientation that occurs in August.  Peer Assistants can work at the school store in which we sell various school supplies as well as T-shirts and Gym shorts. 


    Please see me if you are interested in any of these clubs/activities!