• Let's think outside the school for today's activity. We have learned about bullies, bystanders, and victims and we know what we should do when in school concerning people we know or interact with daily - but what would you do if you witnessed a complete stranger/strangers cyberbullying a person/people you do not know at all? Be honest with yourself.

    Today's activity is pretty simple. All you need is some paper and something to write with.

    Here are some things to consider:

    1.) You are at a cafe by yourself or with 1 friend, just trying to enjoy your meal.

    2.) You do not know the bully/bullies nor the victim(s). They are from another school or area.

    3.) You witness the bully/bullies cyberbullying using a laptop on which they are recording a video.

    Given the above information:

    1.) Would you approach the bully/bullies? Quickly explain why or why not?

    2.) Would you be more likely to approach the bully/bullies if they are female or male?

    3.) If you decided to say something, what would you say or do once you have walked over to their table?

    Write down your replies.


    // Watch clip//  From ABC's "What Would You Do?" (Run time: 7:17)

    After watching this clip, raise your hand if you would change what you would do.
    1.) Why?
    2.) Were you surprised by the reactions of the people in the video? Did these people "get" it? Explain.

    Remember, the point of intervening is to stop a bully/bullies and not to escalate the situation.
    You do not want to put yourself in danger.





    ABC: What Would You Do?

    We've seen some videos where people were harassed about their clothing choices, weight, and athletic abilities, but what about something like hair color?

    Have you heard of ginger abuse?





    Cyberbullying News Clip        (Run time: 7:29 but stop video at 3:40)

    Possible discussion questions:

    1. Do you think your parents and teachers are clueless or in denial when it comes to cyberbullying?

    2. In the news clip they mention how bullying has changed with technology: List some ways mentioned.

    3. Privacy is something young adults value highly. Is there a balance between too much privacy where parents and teachers have no idea what happens online to protect your privacy, and too little where parents and teachers know everything going on in students lives?

    4. Do you think that the legal system does enough in terms of bullying crimes? Is there anything you would like to change?