• Jefferson Community College's EDGE Program is a dual enrollment program where WHS juniors or seniors can earn college credit while completing high school coursework. Students enrolled in the following high school courses have the opportunity to earn college credit providing they meet the pre-requisites and successfully complete the course:


    Calculus 1        MTH 185 Precalculus 4 credits

    Calculus 2      MTH 222 Calculus 2   4 credits

    English 101     ENG 101 (Research and Composition) 3 credits

    Statistics       MTH 144 Elementary Statistics   3 credits

    Spanish 5    SPA 221 Intermdiate Spanish 1  3 credits




    Calculus 1    MTH 221 Calculus 1 4 credits

    English 102 ENG 102 (Literature and Composition) 3 credits

    Spanish 5   SPA 222 Intermediate Spanish 2 3credits




     Click below to learn more about The EDGE Program. A link for course descriptions is available on their main page.