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    Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardians,

       Hello! My name is Mr. Don Brumfield and I will be your student’s resource room teacher. I look forward to working with you and your child this year. I want to assist in any way possible to make his or her year an academic success.  I do not believe that I can accomplish this without your assistance. I believe that we need to work as a team to assist each other in any way possible. I want you to know that I will be available and would encourage you to maintain contact with me, as I will attempt to keep you posted of your student’s progress or lack of. It would be much easier to keep in contact with you if you can provide me with an email address where I can reach you. Together, we can make your child a success this academic year. Please send me an email at dbrumfield@watertowncsd.org 

    Watertown High School has a variety of things in place to help your child this year. The Learning Lab every day fifth period. Students having trouble in any subject can go and get help from their actual teacher or their resource teacher 5th period (10:24 to 10:49).  They simply get a pass before school starts and show up with it fifth period. 

    We also have math labs scheduled different periods during the day, for students who struggle with Math. It works like the Learning Labs and students struggling with math, to get “one on one” Math Assistance from a math teacher. Your child can also go to their own math teacher for assistance fifth period. The resources are available if your child makes the effort to use them.

                    I maintain a web-page with materials students can study for tests. http://www.watertowncsd.org/Domain/1009 . It provides them with key information they need to know to be successful.

    The District has Parent Portal, so you can sign up with guidance and from the school web page and see your child’s progress in their classes before the dreaded report cards/progress reports come home. Classroom Teachers are required to update the parent Portal every 5 weeks but many of them update assignments weekly. You can log on from a computer and see exactly what assignments are due, late, missing and current grades. No parent should be surprised when Report cards come home or have to rely on asking a student when asked.  Do you have Homework? Most students have Math Homework every night. 

      Please go to the school website and look at my web page, http://www.watertowncsd.org/Domain/1009 . Please check your child’s schedule. Please sign up for the Parent Portal. 

               I am usually at school each day before 7AM and stay after school Monday-Thursday to assist students. No student should have an excuse for not turning in assignments on time or failing a class, with all of the assistance currently in place at Watertown High School. If your child wants assistance and wants to succeed, assistance is available!  If you feel there is anything I should be aware of (personal or school related), please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have computer access, I can be reached at: dbrumfield@watertowncsd.org  I would strongly urge you to email me, if you have an email address; this will be the easiest way for us to communicate around schedules. In the same respect, if I feel we should talk about a specific subject area or area of strength/difficulty, I hope it will be okay for me to call or email you. Watertown High School will have an open house this month on September 26th from 5:00 till 7:00pm; I hope to see you there. I truly look forward to getting to know all of you. I am excited to be a part of your child’s education this academic year!


            Supply Needs

          Students will need a one inch binder for each of their core subjects

          Math, English, Science, History

          Binders should include Paper, and 5 dividers with labels

          Students will need 3x5 cards white approximately “Two hundred” during the school year.

             Students should always bring paper and pencil/pen to class, binder, Planners are not being supplied this year. Students will be able to use Chromebooks to schedule assignments. I strongly suggest that if your child has problems with assignments, pickup a small assignment calendar at the Dollar store, to assist with your child tracking assignments. A hard copy can be handy.

             Most students will require something to carry their materials in between classes, such as a book bag. Please let me know if you need assistance with these items and I will try to assist.

             Electronic devices are no longer allowed anywhere except the cafeteria during lunch, not in the hallways between classes, this includes phones, earbuds and Ipods. Phones are a privilege not a right. If the phone policies are not followed, these devices will be taken and only returned at the office to a parent after school. Only Parents may pick up electronic devices after school. Please do not text or call your student while they are at school, unless it is an emergency

                   No phones are allowed in my room during the school day. Phones should be secured in the students backpack no later than 7:15 am daily. No hats or hoodies (with the hood up) are allowed in school during school hours, Hats and Phones must be secured in a backpack or locker out of sight. students cannot have the hood on hoodies on their head during the school day.

            School computers are for school related tasks, not games or unauthorized web searching/social media. Please have your child dress respectfully and follow the school dress code as outlined in detail in their handout.


                                                                            Don Brumfield

                                                                            Special Education Teacher

                                                    Room 312 Watertown High school

    Mr. Brumfield’s Resource Room Flexible Seating:

    This year our classroom will be incorporating flexible seating. This means when students are working they will have the freedom to choose the seating arrangements that work best for them. It also means we are able to move our classroom around depending on the activity and instruction we are doing in class. In our class we have high tables, low tables, traditional desks, bean bags, and exercise ball chairs as well as a rug with floor space for students to choose from. Research has shown students have increased focus and do their best work when they are comfortable. Please initial next to the following to indicate your acceptance of the conditions of this contract. Initially students will set at the Front desks until released for flexible seating.


    • Students will use all classroom seating in the way it was intended and as directed.


         * Students will strategically choose the best working spots and options for them.

    * Flexible seating options are here to help students learn and should be used   respectfully and accurately.

        * If Mr. Brumfield notices that specific students are not following our agreement, he will move students as necessary.

         * If furniture is broken due to the inappropriate behavior of a student, that student/Guardian may be asked to replace the item/ items broken.

    We have read the above course outline and flexible seating plan and we understand our student’s role as a participating member of this class. We resolve to put our best foot forward from now until the end of June by following these requirements.  Students who do not return this contract signed will be required to sit in standard student traditional desks.

    See Back Please


    Guardians and Students, please sign and return acknowledging you have seen and discussed this with your child. 



    Please tear along line, sign and return to teacher


    Print Guardians name____________________________________________________________


    Guardian’s Signature______________________________________________________________    


    Guardian’s contact Phone number__________________________________________________


    Print Guardian’s E-mail address_________________________________________________________


    Print Student name____________________________________________________________________


    Student’s signature ____________________________________________________________________