• Welcome to another school year, here at Watertown High School.  This is my 15th year teaching Social Studies in this building and I look forward to another academic year of enlightenment!  And so should you.  

    To my Global History & Geography Freshmen, welcome to the building! I hope that you enjoy this class, while at the same time gain a better understanding of Global History and your role in it. We are making history every moment of every day, even as you read this!  Never again will there ever be (this date) or (this time) AGAIN--it's history!  And you're a part of that! So cooL.

    For my Seniors in my Sociology class, I look forward to helping you construct and analyze your surroundings sociologically, while at the same time learning from your perspective; it's reciprocaL. 

    It's going to be another great year, because we will make it that way!  See you soon.


    Ms. Bearup

    (not an actual picture)    :) NOT an actual picture.