bully jeopardy


    Play Bullying Jeopardy on your SmartBoard!

    Questions are T/F and short answer. Includes scorekeeper feature and answers are shown after the time is up for each question.





    Need more video resources? The library has some DVDs you can use.

    1.) ABC Special: Kids and Bullying  

    Call number: DVD 371.58 ABC          Barcode: W8J22917


    According to The National Education Association, 160,000 children won't go to school on any given day for fear of being bullied-a figure that represents nothing less than an epidemic. Whether a student is overweight, openly gay, perceived as promiscuous, or just plain different, more and more young people are tragically choosing to take their own lives because they can't take it anymore. Are schools not doing enough? Should parents take a share of the blame? In this ABC News program, correspondent Chris Cuomo talks to families, kids, educators, and lawmakers to find out what's going on. He listens to the bullied, confronts the instigators of bullying, and takes viewers inside the Alliance School-a no-hate, no-bullying zone in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the only middle school of its kind in the United States. (29 minutes)



    2.) Meridian's "Taking a Stand: The Bullying Prevention Series

    Call number: DVD 371.59 MER          Barcode: W8J23025


    This three-part series helps students and teachers identify bullying activity, confront the instigators of it, and assist the victims—with the ultimate goal of preventing bullying in all its forms. Behavior and tactics specific to boy bullies, girl bullies, and cyberbullies are discussed at length in each of the respective videos, addressing the complexity of the issues with dramatized scenarios and peer discussions. Includes a 15-minute bonus video, A Teacher’s Guide to Bullying Prevention, that will help educators implement the overall program. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are also available online. Bonus video included with purchase of series. A Meridian Production. Recommended for grades 7–12. 3-part series, 18-20 minutes each.


    3.) Cyberbully - the ABC Family film

    Call number: DVD FIC CYB               Barcode: W8J22545

    Teenager Taylor Hillridge becomes the victim of cyberbullying and finds the strength, with the help of her mom, to try and help others who have also been bullied.



    CYBERSMARTS Interactive Ebook Series

    Provided by the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES School Library System


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    There are 3 series of interactive eBooks available:
    - CyberSmarts
    - Internet Dos and Don'ts
    - Teen Cybersmarts

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    Books come with vocab lists, printable activities, and more!




    View the list of 10 things students wish teachers knew about name-calling and bullying.

    VIEW LIST (hosted on Anti-Defamation League website)