• We will use American Reading Company for our ELA program this year.
    • Your child will work in whole group and 1:1 with the teacher to build specifically on their reading and writing skills.
    • There are no formal assessments in ELA this year. Rather, your child will work with me on their Independent Reading Level.


    • We will be doing Math Modules this year. There are 8 modules to complete throughout the school year. 
    • We will be doing a lot of fluency skills while getting hands on with our learning!
    • Your child will be graded on Mid-Module Assessments, End of Module Assessments, Quizzes, and Class Participation.
    • Check out my "Parent Resources" link for free online games to support your child's learning!



    • Your child will be given a purple folder. This folder goes home every day with them.
    • There is a "return to school" and a "keep at home" side. I let students know what side papers need to go in. Any papers placed in the "return to school" side will need to be returned to the school in the purple folder as soon as possible. Any papers that are in the "keep at home" side can be looked over at home and kept at home. 
    • Please make sure to check and empty your child's purple folder every night!


    • I am asking that families attempt to read together each night as a part of our "Take Home Reading" Program!
    • In my classroom, I do not give out homework assignments each and every night. If there is something worthwhile to do as a family, I will put it in the "Return to School" side of their purple folder.
    • I am asking that you please be on the lookout in their purple folder EVERY NIGHT in the “Return to School” side for any paperwork that will need to be returned to me and/or the office.


    • Please provide your child with a healthy snack every day.