• Classroom Procedures and Routines

    On this page you will find information regarding our class behavior plan, homework and Take-Home Reading.  If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact me!



  • At the beginning of the year, our class created a list of rules to help us be respectful and responsible in our classroom and school.  Your child will receive a note on Friday's detailing their behavior for the week.  If for some reason they have turned their card to yellow, orange, or red you will receive a note that day describing their behavior.  Our goal is to promote kind and helpful behaviors for all our friends.




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    Your child will eventually have homework every night in kindergarten.  Don't worry; it will be fun for both of you! 

    Please read to your child (or have your child read to you) every night for at least 10 minutes.  After we have finished our beginning of the year testing, your child will take home books that go along with our reading series.  These books are designed to practice the skills we are practicing in class at that time.  Eventually, your child will bring home a book of their choice to read as well.  This book should be read with minimal difficulty by your child.  It is important that your child not become frustrated when reading at home.  I will include in their daily folder, reading log(to be signed daily) and some word solving strategies you com use at home to help them when they read to you.  Also, please read you child's ABC chart and high frequency words nightly.


    Occasionally, your child will have math homework.  Most of the time, this work will consist of a worksheet  to review the skills we have practiced that day.  Any extra practice counting and writing numbers will always benefit your child as well!