• Mission Statement

    We are proud of our rich language diversity. Our families come from many different countried and are fluent in many different languages. A bilinguagal home is a wonderful gift to your child. Please continue to speak your native language at home. This not only helps your child learn English faster, but it also accelerates acedemic learning in school.  ESL is an enrichment program that supports English language learning, and also helps your child in reading, writing, and all other content areas.

    For students who are highly proficient in their speaking skills, the ESOL program focuses heavily on refining reading and writing skills and providing assistance with classroom content.

    Students use computer technology for a variety of writing projects. They plan, compose, revise, and edit on the word processor before "publishing" their finished pieces.

    In addition to our academic program, we recognize the vital importance of a highly dynamic connection between school and home. To thate end, we communicate regularly with out families in order to enhance their home learning environment, as well as facilitate the integration of families into our larger community.

    The ultimate objectives are to develop English language proficiency for our students, to provide support for our students' families, and to provide sugnificant opportunities for our districts' communities to learn and grow from the cultural mosaic that is our district.