• Why See the School Guidance Counselor?

    We see students for a variety of different reasons.  Usually, we meet with students to discuss academic, social and personal issues/concerns.  We like to meet with all of our 7th grade students at the beginning of the school year to introduce ourselves and to make students feel comfortable if they ever need to see us for any reason.  We also meet with our 8th grade students to discuss high school graduation requirements and to set up their 9th grade schedule.  Students are also referred to us by teachers, administrators, parents and other school staff for many reasons as well. 


    How does a student meet with the School Counselor?

    The easiest way is for the student to fill out a Counseling Office Appointment form which are located in any classroom as well as in the Counseling Office.  The student needs to fill out the form as completely as possible and place in the Counselor's mailbox in our office.  Depending on the urgency, we will either call the student down that day or schedule an appointment with the student for the next day. 


    How do I set up a Parent/Teacher conference?

    Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled through the Counseling office.  Please contact us at 785-3880 to set up an appointment with the team of teachers.