Academic Concerns

  • Academic Concerns

    If you have concerns regarding your child's academic progress I encourage you to start by meeting with your child's teacher(s) to discuss your concerns.  If your child attends Case Middle School you can contact the Guidance Office to set up a parent-teacher conference.  If your child attends North Elementary, then you can contact their teacher directly to set this up.  If you would like me to attend that conference, please be sure to let me know the day and time of that conference and I will do my best to be able to attend.

    If it is felt any testing may be warranted to discover the source of your child's academic difficulties, then either district or school staff will obtain your consent.   Consent can be given either verbally or in written form for more informal testing/screening. In order to initiate a comprehensive evaluation through the Committee on Special Education, your written consent will be obtained by the district.  No testing (either informal or formal) will be initiated by myself without your consent. Once the testing is completed, I will contact you to review the results of the evaluation and to discuss recommendations.