Quotes From Students

  • Quotes from K-4 students in response to the Monthly Harvest activities:
    4th Graders at Ohio Street Elementary School

    ·      “Fiber can help your body fight off diseases.”

    ·      “One idea I will try as a result of this program is to try to eat 14 grams of fiber a day.”

    ·      “The most important thing I learned is that fiber is healthy for your body.”

    3rd Grader at Sherman Elementary School

    ·      “Fiber only comes from plants.”

    3rd Graders at North Elementary School

    ·      “You should eat more fiber as you get older.”

    ·      “Fruits, vegetables and grains have fiber.”

    ·      “I love this program because I learn important facts that I have to do to keep myself healthy.”

    4th Grader at Knickerbocker Elementary School

    ·      “I learned that I love fruits and vegetables.”

    3rd Grader at Starbuck Elementary School

    ·      “The most important thing I learned is that fiber helps you fight diseases in the future.”

    2nd Graders at Starbuck Elementary School

    ·      “It was good and thank you.”

    ·      “The most important thing I learned it to try new foods.”

    ·      “I learned you should eat more vegetables.”

    ·      “It kind of tasted like sour salad.”

    ·      “Thank you for letting us try Brussels sprouts.  I love it.”