Video Conferencing

  • Cisco Video Conference Equipment

    All buildings have access to Cisco video conferencing equipment. It is on wheels, allowing you to take it to your classroom. Check with your principal to see where it is stored in your building.

    BOCES Conferences:In many instances, you will not have to go through BOCES. If you are setting up through CYLC, you must go through BOCES since they have a "PIN" and you need that to register. If there is any cost to the video conference (virtual filed trip), it must be signed by our Superintendent and it must be requested through BOCES.

    If you need to go through BOCES for your connection, you must fill out this form: 

    BOCES Video Conference Request

    • If the video conference is free, it can be signed by your building administrator. It will get to BOCES faster if you scan and email the form.
    • If the video conference has a cost, BOCES must have the original form sent via mail or PONY and it must be signed by the Superintendent.)
    • (Free conferences other than CILC): Try to plan your conference at least a week in advance, as there is usually a test call scheduled 5-7 days before the conference.
    • CILC Conferences: Plan at least two weeks in advance.

    When you fill out forms to join a video conference, you may need contact information for the BOCES technical support person and our district technical support person. Here is the information you will need:

    BOCES Technical Support
    Kris Biazzo (
    Distance Learning Coordinator
    Jefferson-Lewis BOCES
    315-779-7005 (Office)
    315-778-8832 (Cell)

    WCSD Technical Support
    David Campbell (

    Diane Hayes (

    How to use the "Cisco" video conference equipment

    To use the equipment, plug in the power and the network/Internet cable.

    To start a video conference, either you dial the contact number/address or, if the person on the other end dials you, the connection will be automatic.

    Use the "tablet" to move and/or zoom the camera. 

    Quick Reference Guide to use the camera.


    Video Conference "End Points" for building within our WCSD district:

    Try a video conference with another class within our district. If you wish to connect with another building, dial one of these numbers:

    Case Middle School/WHS: 20821
    Sherman: 20822
    Wiley: 20823
    Starbuck: 20824
    North: 20825
    Knickerbocker: 20826
    Ohio: 20827

    During the Video Conference

    Try to seat your students in an area that will be easy to get them in view of the camera, if desired.