• Activities:

     “You Are What You Eat” Contest –

    Students would draw a “self-portrait” using fruits & vegetables to draw themselves as well as write a short essay explaining why they chose the fruits & vegetables they did to draw the portrait.

     Creative Writing Activity -

    Write a story using a fruit/veggie as the main character.

    Lesson Plans:

    Maple Syrup:
    Sugar Maple Days 4-5

    How sweet is Maple Syrup?

    Maple Youth Activity Book

    Making Maple Cream

    A fun, hands-on lesson plan to help connect Elementary students with locally grown foods.

    Kitchen Scrap Gardening

    With little effort and a pinch of creativity you can devise some ver imaginative indoor gardens from your kithcen leftovers!

    The Plant-Soil Relationship
    ents investigate the relationship between plants and soil.

    Strong Eggs!
    Recipe for Strong Scrambled Mini Pizzas:  Eggs can be an important par of a healthy breakfast to give you a stron start to your day because the high-quality protein provides mind and body energy.

    Website Links:

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