• NBC Dateline: My Kid Would Never Bully


    Introduction (Run time 4:57)




    Part 2 (Run time 7:57)

    Would you stand up for someone getting bullied about their weight?



    Would you stand up for someone getting cyberbullied? Will boys react differently than girls do? 

    Part 3 - Boys (Run time 7:57)


     Part 4 - Girls (Run time 7:11)


    Part 5 - The Parents (Run time 4:26)

    Being young and dealing with bullying is difficult enough. Do parents know how to handle bullying and set good examples for their kids?


    Part 6 - The Confrontation (Run time 5:47)

    Who will stand up for themselves?



    While the situations were staged, the people who were not hired actors showed genuine reactions. 


    Questions to discuss:

    1. Do you think this is a fairly accurate portrayal of something boys and girls would bully each other about?

    2. Are there similarities/ differences?

    3. Would you have spoken up in any of these situations? You are in a group of complete strangers.

    4. What are some pros and cons of speaking up/stopping the bullying?

    5. Ask if students want to share any related experiences.