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Special Education

Shannon Whitney
Coordinator of Special Education
Watertown Learning Center-Massey
CPSE Chairperson
CSE Chairperson for Grades K-6 (Sherman, North, Starbuck, Ohio, Knickerbocker, and Wiley)
CSE Chairperson for grades K-6 BOCES programs 
CSE Chairperson for 12:1:3:1 programs (Starbuck, Wiley, Case, WHS)

Section 504 plan Coordinator (Grades K-6)

Natalie Hall CSE Secretary

Natalie Hall
CSE Secretary
(315) 785-3728


Jodie Delaney, Assistant Coordinator of Special Education
Jodie Delaney
Assistant Coordinator of Special Education, American with Disabilities and 504 Plan Co-Coordinator, Building secretaries-- Advisors of AttendanceDistrict Office
CSE Chairperson for Grades 7-12 (Case and WHS)
CSE Chairperson for grades 7-12 BOCES programs 
CSE Chairperson for 15:1 programs (North, Wiley, Case, WHS)
CSE Chairperson for 12:1:1 programs (Wiley, Case, WHS)

Section 504 plan Coordinator (Grades 7-12)

Autumn Adams CSE Chairperson Seretary

Autumn Adams 
CSE Chairperson Secretary
(315) 785-3726


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