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Access helpful calendar controls with icons located in the upper right corner of the calendar.

Use the filter or legend below the calendar for locating events specific for individual schools.

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Calendar & Category Legend:

  • 7-12 Cycle Days
  • Athletics
  • Case Middle School (C)
  • District Calendar
  • H.T. Wiley Intermediate (W)
  • K-6 Cycle Days
  • Knickerbocker Elementary (K)
  • North Elementary (N)
  • Ohio Street Elementary (O)
  • Sherman Elementary (Sh)
  • Starbuck Elementary (St)
  • Watertown High School (WHS)

Building Level Calendar & Events Pages

Knickerbocker  Elementary                                 H.T. Wiley Intermediate                                      Case Middle                                      Watertown High School
North Elementary
Ohio Street Elementary  
Sherman Elementary
Starbuck Elementary